Here's a snappy marketing video we made to show the Putting Alley features in 30 seconds.  It's a terrific video, except for one thing - it shows the Putting Alley being used on a golf green.  While the Putting Alley can be taken to a practice green, it's really more for INDOOR use.  Put it in an area of your home where you can use it for 5 minutes at a time, and you will ingrain a better putting stroke, guaranteed.  Go to a real putting green to use your new stroke to get better at green reading and distance control.  Enjoy the practice to enjoy the Game. 

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Each Tour Edition insert now has a highly polished mirror added to the starting ramp, which allows you to see when your eyes are over the putting line, and trains you to keep your head steady during the putt. 

What Golf Reviewers and Past Purchasers Say

My Golf Spy


The Putting Alley is an easy training aid to love: simple to use, durable, effective, inexpensive, and portable. For people who struggle with short putts, I think The Putting Alley is a good way to not only improve your stroke, but to build up your confidence. For players of all ability levels, the Putting Alley offers a chance to work on the most important part of the game when you don't have time to get to the practice green.

Score: 92/100

The Hacker's Paradise

 Starting out with the 1″ side I quickly realized that I had my putter face slightly closed because I was pulling every single putt. The Putting Alley clearly showed this to me because with each putt the ball would roll half way down the alley then fall off of the rail on the inside edge.  Because there is less room for error, the Putting Alley not only improves your stroke but also your concentration since any mistake will result in the ball not reaching the end on the metal bar. Hence, setting up little games such as seeing how many in a row you can make will really improve your mental focus. 

Three Guys Golf

 So here is the beauty of this training aid: the folks at the Putting Alley say rolling a pure putt on the 1″ side is equivalent of rolling a 10 foot putt and the 1/2″ side is equivalent of a 20 foot putt. Therefore, you can actually practice longer putts with just a small training aide. Moreover, rolling putts over and over again gives you great confidence when you have to face those 2 foot putts during your weekend skins game. 


 The Putting Alley is a terrific tool for practicing your putting stroke. It consists of a hard plastic putting surface with a narrow raised surface in the center. The raised surface on one side is a half an inch wide, and an inch on the other side. The goal of the exercise is to deliver the ball to the top area at the end without having the ball fall into the gutters on the sides.    I’ve practiced with the Alley for a couple of weeks and think that I have straightened out my stroke quite a bit. I have always been a good putter, but if I continue practicing with this over the winter, I think I will be positively deadly.    Grade: A 


 This practice aid really has improved my putting! It make you square the face at impact! You get better roll and more putts on line. I developed a new putting style (set my wrist forward and don't let the putter head past my hands on the follow through) and this has transitioned directly to the course! I made 4 birdy putts over 12' in the first round. I'm even buying one for my brother. 

5/5 Stars


 This is a great putting trainer!!! The pro at our club recommended it to me, and I can see why. It forces you to concentrate on small changes to your putting stroke, and then to consistently apply them. It can absolutely help you to learn to hit the ball square to the target. You get direct feedback by whether the ball stays on the raised strip in the middle of the Alley. A tip my pro gave me is to elevate the cup-end of the Alley with a block or DVD boxes so that it's about 4 inches higher than the other end, and to only hit the ball hard enough to have the ball reach the cup end. The point is that the more gently you hit the ball, the harder it is to keep it on the raised strip. I can't wait to see how this translates to real putting next season! 

5/5 Stars

Survey Says...

85% of people who purchased a Putting Alley continue to use it, even after more than 5 years.

92% believe the Putting Alley is worth the price, and would recommend it to others.

(Survey taken June 2019)


We built the Putting Alley for ease of use.  That means you never have to bend over to place the ball on the starting position.  The patented design allows you to drop a golf ball in front and use your putter to slide it into position on top of the putting surface.  

Check out the video.  The ease of use allows you to get many reps in, even during a five minute commercial in front of the TV, or before you head out to play golf.   

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Here is information around the concept of the Putting Alley, and quickstart guides for the Original and Tour Edition.


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